Facebook had killed my blog at some point, then I joined dailypost wordpress to give me blogging motivation. But let’s face it, facebook is addictive and we find ourselves spending more time on facebook than we would care to admit or we want to.

So, today I went reading about facebook personalities and I came across Brandon Griggs’  list of the  most annoying types of facebookers.  This list just describes it all!  I admit that I am one or more of the personalities, and my new year resolution, is to stop! Right!

Do you have a friend who when you meet in the church or at work they tell you that they like your profile picture, or they ask you about your kid who just went to kindergarten or they ask you how your brother is doing? and you wonder how they knew that stuff?  In the CNN article, he is called the  lurker!  They go through your status’, your photos, your posts, your wall but they NEVER comment on anything!!  Are you one of those?

Then CNN lists the self-promoter!  that is totally me!  I want you to know how many miles I ran and how many times  I ran and how many races I have done this year and intend to do, LOL!   The self-promoter links everything (my blog) to their achievements, anything they do, they brag about it! ha!

Then comes, “let me tell you everything I did, I am doing and I intend to do”  this facebooker trends on your facebook every day, every night!  Every other status belongs to this facebooker. If an hour passes without a status update from them, you get worried!  I always wonder what they did before facebook!!

Then the facebooker who shares way too much personal info!  yes, we do not want to know what you went to buy at CVS and what you are using it for!  Wow! Thanks for sharing…too much information.

Attention seekers facebooker, always seeking attention.  Once in a while, it is okay to let us know that you are having a bad day and you could use some prayers and it is totally okay to share genuine bad news that you need prayers for.  but honestly, at times the posts are so manipulative!

Any facebook personality you can think of?   I still have more for tomorrow!  Keep it here!

3 thoughts on “Facebook personalities!

  1. Hahahahahaha! I used to be in the ‘let me tell you everything’ group. I have met a few lurkers – they read and perhaps will comment offline. I sometimes want to defriend such.
    And before facebook i was on Yahoo 360, geocities etc.

    Someone asked you about your brother? 😀


  2. I have many lurker ‘friends’ too. I think they are in facebook so that they are in the know but catch them dead commenting. No one asked me about you but people ask me all this stuff and I am like, how did they know that, then I remember they are friends of mine on facebook


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