Yay! First Visitor!

Today we received our first visitor! yay! We were so excited to see Jim, he came by to say karibu from our new church with some goodies! How awesome! Today was a day of no unpacking, decided to go shopping and it was crazy! I decided to go back home using the interstate and for … More Yay! First Visitor!

My weather is sunny!

This morning Henry was sporting shorts and a T-shirt and I asked him to go and put on warm clothes and he answered me “My weather is sunny” Have a sunny week! It is what you feel inside that counts!


I am confused as to how one guy quits because of allegations and the other who has admitted to the same surges!


What a super lazy saturday, I did not even go running which means I woke up after 10am. Not good! To make up for it, I went visiting Rachel’s blog, Rachel, the gourmet country girl lives up to her name. Her recipes are gourmet and easy to follow and they work! I decided to try … More Pretzels

FB part two!

Did you find your FB personality in my first post?  Never fear!  There is more from where that came from. The next personality that I have encountered are the “News Anchor”  The news anchors know EVERYTHING that is happening when it happens.  If you don’t have time to sit by the TV and watch some … More FB part two!