FB part two!

Did you find your FB personality in my first post?  Never fear!  There is more from where that came from.

The next personality that I have encountered are the “News Anchor”  The news anchors know EVERYTHING that is happening when it happens.  If you don’t have time to sit by the TV and watch some boring news?  You are in luck.  Check their status.  They will let you know which famous person has died or what just happened in Africa.  They probably do not work for a news organization.

There is another personality that I do not have a name for…once in awhile they make me feel guilty…just a little.  Every week they have these words in their status’ “Put this as your status for …. hours… I know most of you won’t.”  How many causes can one person have? Enough said!

Then there are the whiners…they basically do not appreciate ANYTHING!  They complain about EVERYTHING!  men, women, their job, walmart, their car, their professor, everything sucks all the time!

Don’t get me wrong, I love facebook and I love my facebook friends.  I confess that once in a while I am a lurker, I go in and just check what is happening with my friends that I have not seen or heard from in a while.  I appreciate the ‘news anchor’ once in a while.

Have a great weekend!

4 thoughts on “FB part two!

  1. I find the News Anchors helpful. They keep me updated.
    I don’t think i have ever reposted anything on my status, and iIdo not feel guilty. it is like those email fwds that say ‘Forward this if you love God.’


  2. I totally agree, the news anchors are helpful! I think I read about MJ’s death on one of those. I have never reposted either but there was one about ‘your mom in heaven’ etc, made me feel guilty, it is like if I did not repost, I do not love my mom. As for the e-mail forwards, I feel nothing about them! they are so so annoying. Thanks for visiting my blog and posting, unfortunately I visit your blog from my phone and I can’t write much, but I try to write something, I will go and subscribe. grace


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