What a super lazy saturday, I did not even go running which means I woke up after 10am. Not good! To make up for it, I went visiting Rachel’s blog, Rachel, the gourmet country girl lives up to her name. Her recipes are gourmet and easy to follow and they work! I decided to try her pretzels recipe. Those pretzels came out soft and yummy! Who needs frozen pretzel anymore? I added cheese on mine and the kids wanted cinammon and sugar on theirs! I also used her pizza crust recipe! Rachel, you rock! I can honestly say my day was made.

One thought on “Pretzels

  1. We were cooking fools today too! I made a lemon meringue pie from scratch and my husband made an enchilada lasagne. We’re stuffed now!

    Your pretzels look good! Might have to give that a try…


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