I have always wanted to do a trail run and a 10K Trail run did not sound too bad. After all the others I know about are like, 50K!! Come Saturday morning, I started panicking, fingers were all frozen, but it was too late to turn back. The start was in waves according to age/gender. I think I like the wave start method, reduces the huge crowd at the start line. My age group had only 3 women. The first two miles were the hardest, it was so hilly but I kept on pushing. Ran some, walked some, walked some, ran some, took pictures 🙂 A trail run is a totally different monster. Small hill, big hills, streams, mud The last 2 miles were easier, I guess when you go up, you have to somehow come down! At some point after mile 4, I thought I was lost because I could not see anyone behind or in front of me then I came upon the only water stop. This was a challenging race, my time sucked!! but I hope I can do it again or another trail run! It was awesome running on unmarked trails hanging out with nature!