Chapatis…you know you are loved when you visit a Kenyan family and they make for you chapatis!! I love chapatis, but I have never boasted to be one who can make a mean one! Thanks to the kitchen aid mixer, I just mix the flour and water in it and a few minutes later, I have a good enough dough!
I love beef stew! I totally miss Food Lion, that is where I used to get my close out beef! LOL! I still cannot believe that a pound of beef is over $4. Talk about getting us off red meat, they are definately doing a good job!
Now, when you have chapati, beef stew and cabbage, food heaven! Are you hungry yet?

Are Stay-at-Home Moms lazy?

image That was the question that was asked on Anderson Coopers show and one of the moms who works outside the home said yes. I just caught the show towards the end and I did not hear what she actually said and I am too lazy (LOL) to watch it on his website. What do you think? Up to last year, I was a full time working mom going to school part time…as of now, I am a full time stay-at-home mom going to school part time. People have a lot to say about this topic. Personally I think laziness goes both ways, whether you work full time or you stay at home. With that being said, I think more is expected of stay-at-home moms because people believe they have more time at home (which we do). Personal experience, life is more relaxed now than it was when I was working. I get to spend more time making a home, I have more time for God, my family and myself and I am thankful for that.

P/S I gave yesterday’s potatoes a makeover


image I should start out by saying Eggs and Ketchup is heaven! I do not eat my fries with Ketchup though, but I will still ask for it at the drive thru! We are coming to the end of the second week and I have not come up with a routine or an organized plan for my days. For now, as long as my child is in school in time and is picked up from school, my day is done. I need to get a plan going, school for me started on Monday and assignments are already due!!
These past two weeks have been full of answers to prayer (thank you Jesus) and some challenges too. Early this week, baby boy broke my heart when he told me that he wants to go back to Chattanooga. I asked him why and he said he wants to go his school. I had already started looking for a part time preschool for him and finally, the Lord answered our prayers and the one that I was leaning towards has an opening. I went and checked it out yesterday and I loved it, it is a Christian preschool and the teachers are certified(she made sure to tell me that). I think it will be a great place for him to learn, play and grow and also it will give us both space!
This morning I read some verses that put me in my place “Do all things without grumbling and faultfinding and complaining (against God) and questioning and doubting (among yourselves)…that you may become blameless and pure, children of God without blemish in the midst of a crooked and twisted generation…carry the light-giving Message into the night” Phil 2:14-15. Okay, I have used 3 versions of the bible to write out these verses, but you get the gist. One version even bickering or second-guessing allowed. That is basically what I have been doing this week, bickering, fault-finding and doubting but the Lord has come through for me. After reading these verses, I asked the Lord to help me trust him and help me be a light. Keep looking up and keep the faith.

Back to school!

My long vacation from school comes to an end on Sunday!  Monday, I am back to school and the stress of assignments, quizzes and exams begins all over again.  Hopefully I will be able to organize myself better this semester and will not have to do those late night tricks.  Now to go and find my password, my textbooks and my courses!  To all my fellow students, wishing you a great semester!

Inexpensive high quality meat!

Zaycon foods offers inexpensive high quality meats and they are having an event in Chattanooga next month!  Check their website, you have to register and log in to see the details.  Ground beef 93/7 sells for 2.97 per pound but you have to buy in bulk starting from 40 pounds!  You could go in with some one, or two or three because they sell them in tubes of 4!  each could buy 10 pounds for just $29.70 and you will be cooking with gas, LOL!


Chattanooga, TN Ground Beef & Bacon Thursday, February 02, 2012 11:30 am – 12:00 pm

Calvary Church 1200 South Seminole Dr. Chattanooga, TN 37412

Products Offered

  • Bacon – Hickory Smoked, Medium Sliced – 30 lbs
  • Ground Beef, Lean (93/7) – 40 lbs
  • Orders must be placed by Friday