Chapatis…you know you are loved when you visit a Kenyan family and they make for you chapatis!! I love chapatis, but I have never boasted to be one who can make a mean one! Thanks to the kitchen aid mixer, I just mix the flour and water in it and a few minutes later, I … More Chapati


I should start out by saying Eggs and Ketchup is heaven! I do not eat my fries with Ketchup though, but I will still ask for it at the drive thru! We are coming to the end of the second week and I have not come up with a routine or an organized plan for … More Life

Back to school!

My long vacation from school comes to an end on Sunday!  Monday, I am back to school and the stress of assignments, quizzes and exams begins all over again.  Hopefully I will be able to organize myself better this semester and will not have to do those late night tricks.  Now to go and find … More Back to school!