Crock Pot!

When people were fighting each other in walmart over a waffle maker on black friday Black Thursday?, I was dying for a crock pot.   I didn’t think that anyone would leave their warm bed to go look for a crock pot and I was so wrong!!  All the $10 Crock pots at Walmart were gone!  I had a tiny bitty crock pot and I wanted to up grade to the next size because 2012 is the year of cooking with crock pots.  I settled for one at Target and I LOVE it!   My goal is to use it every other day and so far, it is going well.  It is such a time saver and so easy to use.  I have been just googling for recipes and I stumbled upon the crockpotguys and I made their curry chicken and it was delish.  YAY for my crock pot!!



4 thoughts on “Crock Pot!

  1. Mary Pat Mitchell says:

    I also got a new crock pot and agree that 2012 is the year of the crock pot!!!!! Hope you guys are doing well in Bowling Green.


  2. I had a lovely little crockpot that somehow disappeared during a move. So eventually I inherited my MIL’s which is a mixed blessing. It works well, but is a little too big. I do still use it though – mostly to cook meat and vegetables. I’ve been looking for some good crock pot recipes. Thought I’d found one, but when it was done, the meat didn’t taste like anything! Very bizarre. I’ll have to check out your link and see if I can find something there.

    Congratulations – I LOVE crockpot dinners!


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