What a day!

I think the baby gal has figured it out and she loves her school, in fact, she has her first test tomorrow. She let me know that I will be happy to know that. Now I need to find something for the boy to do. It is pretty obvious that our relationship is not obligate, we HAVE to give each other space! I need to find him a place to go ASAP or we will drive each other crazy! Yesterday he let me know, and I quote: ‘you are the coolest mom ever!!’ Love you Henry!!
This morning started off awesome, I realized that I had lost my coupon folder and I could not remember where I left it, I guess that is what happens when you turn…! So, I decided to go to Kroger, to check if I left it in there. and guess what? someone had turned it in at Customer Service, that just made my day! There are still good people out there and they live in BG! I just saw a marine bumper sticker that said “I have one of the few good men” But someone else tried to ruin my day by taking our house posting and reposting it on craiglist for less money and even making up an e-mail address using my name! Not good! Hope you are having a good week and guess what? Tomorrow is Friday!!