Dinosaur World

Yesterday we decided to take advantage of Six Dollar Sundays and and headed over to Dinosaur World. Henry loved it so much that today when he woke up, he said, he wants to go back. It is a fun place to visit for the kids especially. It was interesting to listen to Rehema try to read the dinosaurs’ names. Unfortunately, during the winter the fossil dig is closed, but they had a tiny fossil dig inside the gift shop where the kids can look for real fossils. The boneyard was the kids favorite place and they spent hours in it It is a short drive from Bowling Green and the Mammoth Cave National Park is not too far! At least I could pronounce the name of this one with no problem: Photosaurus

I hope you are having a great President’s day. Unfortunately, Baby girl had to go to a make up day and baby boy’s school is closed today, sigh!

Pantry Challenge!

image I have come to the conclusion that I have just too much food in my little pantry and so I am doing yet another 2 weeks pantry challenge. I am not going grocery shopping and I am planning on using up the food we already have. I did one last year and it went pretty well. The only stuff I will go out and get are fruits, veggies, milk and bread. That means that any coupons I have that are expiring before 29th February, I am giving away. Leave a comment (not your address) or inbox me if you need them.