I am still here, been busy though, exams are coming soon, papers are due and so I have not been able to post as often as I had hoped.

Lots of deep emotional stuff happening in the country. Unless you have been there, it might be a little difficult to understand.

March madness tomorrow…Kentucky or Louisville? Now that I live in the commonwealth, I am in it. I did choose Kentucky to win the whole thing. Who are you supporting?

Have an awesome Easter! Christ is Risen!

Spring Soccer

The spring soccer season has began and I bet we are in for lots of laughs and screaming. I could not believe how much I was screaming my lungs out! I might just be banned from the game at this rate!

You just want to go in there…but, I never played soccer in my life. I did play hockey though, we even made it to the team in high school and went to Nationals (this was where schools representing their province met and our school was representing)

Henry just wanted to go and play his game. I showed up to coach the 4 year olds and wondered what got into me. The parents were looking at me like I know what I am doing so I went with it. It was real fun and the kids (even though they had no idea where their goal was) seemed to be having fun. I appreciate any ideas and pointers on what to do with 4 year olds for one hour.

1st BG race!

3 posts back to back…starting to sound like my facebook. I have finally decided to register for my first race in BG. It is a race to benefit the family enrichment center here in Bowling Green. The way it sounds, this is a big deal race here, kinda like the Riverbend Run (but for a great cause). It includes a 5K run, 5K walk, a mini-marathon and a push and pump 5K. The race includes a pasta dinner the night before (for early registrants), breakfast coupon and child care is provided for runners!! Can you believe that? It is indeed the year of no excuses! I am registering for the 5K and I am going to run for time! The church that hosts my child’s preschool is forming a team and I am planning on joining their team! I miss my running buddy though…
I could not resist taking a picture of this sign when I was in Chattanooga 2 weeks ago…happy voting Chattanoogans!

# 3 reason why I love BG:Parks

We like this park, it is small and sweet. They are fixing it for the summer.

Bowling Green has a population of about 60 000 and between the county and the city, we have more than 20 parks! 15 000 of those are students at Western Kentucky, and have no time for parks, another 15 000 will not be leaving their houses soon, that makes the parks less crowded. I love it. I have my favorites, of course the ones that have a marked running/walking track, my kids love ANY park with a playground. I guess I need to take them to the Paradise playground soon. There is one park near the cemetery road, at times I think to myself that is where to go for sprint training because, should one of the graves move, I will be running home so fast!!
image This is the park to be in over the summer. It has palm trees, a splash playground, 50 meter pool, water slides and a beach area. Why use all that gas to drive to the beach when it is in your backyard? I am sure the kids will be so thrilled! Are you looking forward to being outdoors?


I pray that you are safe and the Lord protected you and your family last week. It was a rough week both here in Kentucky and Chattavegas. After all the bad weather Friday, we decided to go and enjoy a pretzel on Auntie Anne’s. Auntie Anne’s was having a free pretzel day on Saturday! Rehema and Henry went with the cinnamon and I went with the original. It was my first time to go to the mall here in Bowling Green, I guess all malls are the same. It was nice to get out.
Henry had to close his eyes to take in all that sugar!
image Because of the weather, Rehema’s first soccer practice was cancelled, she was not happy about that. I received an e-mail letting us know that they still needed a soccer coach for Henry’s team, so guess who is the new coach, yours truly! I read up on the rules for the Little Kickers, no offside, no throw ins and no goal keeper, I can’t wait for all the chaos and excitement with a few 4 year olds running all over! Henry x20, how fun! Have a fun Monday and be safe.