I pray that you are safe and the Lord protected you and your family last week. It was a rough week both here in Kentucky and Chattavegas. After all the bad weather Friday, we decided to go and enjoy a pretzel on Auntie Anne’s. Auntie Anne’s was having a free pretzel day on Saturday! Rehema and Henry went with the cinnamon and I went with the original. It was my first time to go to the mall here in Bowling Green, I guess all malls are the same. It was nice to get out.
Henry had to close his eyes to take in all that sugar!
image Because of the weather, Rehema’s first soccer practice was cancelled, she was not happy about that. I received an e-mail letting us know that they still needed a soccer coach for Henry’s team, so guess who is the new coach, yours truly! I read up on the rules for the Little Kickers, no offside, no throw ins and no goal keeper, I can’t wait for all the chaos and excitement with a few 4 year olds running all over! Henry x20, how fun! Have a fun Monday and be safe.

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  1. The bad weather reached us on Saturday. Three tornadoes went past my parents’ farm but only one actually touched down. Not much damage but lots of rain and wind. We really needed that rain, so I’m not complaining – and Sunday was just glorious!

    Congratulations, Coach!


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