We like this park, it is small and sweet. They are fixing it for the summer.

Bowling Green has a population of about 60 000 and between the county and the city, we have more than 20 parks! 15 000 of those are students at Western Kentucky, and have no time for parks, another 15 000 will not be leaving their houses soon, that makes the parks less crowded. I love it. I have my favorites, of course the ones that have a marked running/walking track, my kids love ANY park with a playground. I guess I need to take them to the Paradise playground soon. There is one park near the cemetery road, at times I think to myself that is where to go for sprint training because, should one of the graves move, I will be running home so fast!!
image This is the park to be in over the summer. It has palm trees, a splash playground, 50 meter pool, water slides and a beach area. Why use all that gas to drive to the beach when it is in your backyard? I am sure the kids will be so thrilled! Are you looking forward to being outdoors?

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