3 posts back to back…starting to sound like my facebook. I have finally decided to register for my first race in BG. It is a race to benefit the family enrichment center here in Bowling Green. The way it sounds, this is a big deal race here, kinda like the Riverbend Run (but for a great cause). It includes a 5K run, 5K walk, a mini-marathon and a push and pump 5K. The race includes a pasta dinner the night before (for early registrants), breakfast coupon and child care is provided for runners!! Can you believe that? It is indeed the year of no excuses! I am registering for the 5K and I am going to run for time! The church that hosts my child’s preschool is forming a team and I am planning on joining their team! I miss my running buddy though…
I could not resist taking a picture of this sign when I was in Chattanooga 2 weeks ago…happy voting Chattanoogans!

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