The spring soccer season has began and I bet we are in for lots of laughs and screaming. I could not believe how much I was screaming my lungs out! I might just be banned from the game at this rate!

You just want to go in there…but, I never played soccer in my life. I did play hockey though, we even made it to the team in high school and went to Nationals (this was where schools representing their province met and our school was representing)

Henry just wanted to go and play his game. I showed up to coach the 4 year olds and wondered what got into me. The parents were looking at me like I know what I am doing so I went with it. It was real fun and the kids (even though they had no idea where their goal was) seemed to be having fun. I appreciate any ideas and pointers on what to do with 4 year olds for one hour.

2 thoughts on “Spring Soccer

  1. Boy, you got me there… I have no idea what to do with 4 year olds for an hour other than let them run around and wear themselves out. I teach a Children’s church about once every 6 weeks and that’s only for 20 mintes – and I don’t know what to do with them there either.


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