B for books

This is Henry’s bookshelf that his Dad made for him. I was so excited when Dolly’ imagination library followed us to Kentucky. I was so sad that Henry was going to miss out on all the books but I guess since we are so close to Tennessee, they will keep on sending him books until he is 5. The imagination library is such a cool project and I am forever grateful to the people who have made it happenimage Today’s post is sponsored by the letter B. There are many more interesting words that I could write about that start with the word B, but I will settle for books. I love books. I do not read as many books as I would like, but I love to sit down and read a good autobiography or biography. I remember once when I was a sentry for one of the longer races and I had carried a book. One of the marathoner’s passed ran sprinted by and asked me what I was reading and for some reason I was all embarrassed to say I was reading the Barbara Walters autobiography. What would we do without books? Books bring so much to life, they make us imagine and think and dream. And for all the awesomeness and smartness  books bring to life, for the letter B, I choose books!!


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  1. I too am a biography fan. But also love mysteries, so I alternate. I just finished “Ali in Wonderland” by Ali Wentworth. Quick read with lots of laughs.


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