C – Clothesline

I am totally in love with my clothesline, yep, I have gone green and it is saving us some money. Not sure what my neighbors think, but I am not airing any of my dirty laundry in public šŸ™‚
We did not actually put up the clothesline, we found it there and it has served us well so far.
I have a funny clothesline story. A decade ago, we were shacking with my brother for two weeks before we transitioned. He lived in apartments, I think on the fourth floor. I did the final laundry (by hand, by the way, oh, how I miss those days – read – sarcasm) There were many clothes lines in the apartment complex compound, so I chose the one that was closest to our apartment block and hanged our clothes. A few hours later I went to check on the clothes and found they had all being moved to one end. We went to ask the caretaker and he said, we have to provide our own clothes lines, LOL!
Do you use a clothes line especially during the summer? I grew up using a clothesline to dry our clothes, we did not have washers and dryers. Fun times!!


6 thoughts on “C – Clothesline

  1. This is … great. Clothlines ! What a fantastic subject – where grown up with them too and I love to see the wash up in people gardens, or like in Italy between the houses in the narrow streets. Thanks for the smile .. and good luck with challenge.


  2. I used one almost exclusively about 20 years ago, but these days because of drought, the trees go crazy with the pollen and it seems to never stop. I’d love to use a clothesline now, but the pollen makes it nearly impossible. šŸ˜¦


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