E is for Exercise

Today’s post is sponsored by E which is for Exercise! My exercise of choice is running! If you know me, you know that I love to run. I am one of those annoying facebook friends who is always posting their runs, LOL! When I was growing up, my dad used to go run 5 kilometers almost everyday, and I never understood what that was all about. After I had my second baby, I took up running and I have never looked back. So addicting! When I lived in Tennessee, I had a running buddy who I miss so much. She was my motivation to get up on one of those freezing mornings to go run. I am slowly getting back to running three times a week (but it’s hard without a running buddy) I know this is the year of no excuses, but it really helps when you have someone to run with. My first race was the Riverbend 5K, all I remember about that race was that there were more than 1000 people participating and so I was guaranteed that I would not be last :-). I have only participated in one half-marathon (Scenic City Half Marathon, 2011) and I am thinking of doing another one this year. I am still recovering from the last one! There is just something about completing a race whether it be a 5K or a half-marathon! What is your exercise of choice? Keep moving!


2 thoughts on “E is for Exercise

  1. patchworkgirl57 says:

    It’s great when folks find an exercise that they love… I recently discovered that I like hula hooping… For you, it’s running… I’ve tried running & walking for exercise, but prefer hooping or dancing… haven’t posted about it in my blog, but I might soon! 🙂


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