G is for Garden!

It’s that time again to start working on our gardens and planting some good stuff.  Two years ago I had some luck and I am hoping to do better this year. I in fact have two gardens and the kids have been so helpful and excited about them. What are you planting this year?


6 thoughts on “G is for Garden!

  1. M says:

    I love that you are able to have a garden that your kids can help in…the photo is great! Unfortunately for me everything that I plant gets taken by squirrels or eaten by deer…everything except for my daffodils that is. Once upon a time I grew tomatoes and corn. I do have an avacado tree that if I am lucky I will get a few that the squirrel don’t steal!
    happy A-Z April!


  2. I love your little helper in the garden. Even if he doesn’t lift a weed, at least he’s company. I’ve worked in my vergetable garden over the years and have produced some wonderful food. Once, in the seventies, I used to run through the paths gathering handfulls of growth to add to my soup of the day for my craft-shop cafe. Those were the days of flexibility and joy. Thank you for taking me back.


  3. Alas, gardening is one of those things I’ve had to scale back to make more time for writing (since I also work full-time). But I always throw in a few tomato and cucumber plants.

    Good thing for perennials!


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