J is for Jobs!

Today’s post is sponsored by jobs!! I am going to write about a few of the jobs that I have held. First, I am very thankful to God that when I have needed a job, I have had a job.  He does take care of his people.
My very first job lasted for 8 months and it was just after I graduated from high school and was waiting to go to college. I worked in a Christian bookshop and did everything from janitor to sales to cashier!
My most exciting job was being in the army reserves for 8 years. I did things I never thought I would ever do, screamed stuff I would not scream under normal circumstances, was pushed beyond my limits, got to know people I do not think I would ever meet.
The last job I was going to talk about is the job I held the longest, (well, the reserves were 6 years active and 2 years inactive) it was for a huge insurance company. I started the job as a claims associate and all we would do it process claims while listening to TV. Don’t worry about accuracy, we paid dearly for any errors made. This job did not pay much but I loved the flexibility. As long as you processed your quota per day (was 213 claims per day), you were good. I moved on to a different job in the same company and then just recently we moved to a different city and now I get to stay at home 🙂 with my kids. I just have to say that I now have the best job EVER!!