M is for mindless! Consider this a mindless post, sort of a mindless chatter and in the process, do not mind me 🙂 One of the definitions of ‘mindless’ is ‘having no intelligent purpose, meaning or direction’ and this post has no intelligent purpose, meaning or direction. Now that we have gotten that out of the way, here it goes…

Today is my child’s first soccer game, I am not sure who we should be praying for, the mom and coach of my son’s team or the other parents. It should make for an interesting morning. I have become more serious about losing weight and being healthy and so I sat down and calculated how many pounds I need to lose to reach my healthy weight and it came to a staggering 30 pounds. How did it get to this? and more importantly, how am I going to lose all those pounds? Upon further research, I found out that if I burn 3500 calories a week, I would lose 1 pound a week. It would take me a long 30 weeks to reach my goal weight. I would have to run 28 miles a week to burn 3500 calories! That is almost impossible, am I going to spend every day of the week running? thank God losing weight is 80% diet (nutrition) and 20% exercise. I also figured out that to come to the 3500 calories burn, I could run 15 miles and walk 10 miles a week. That sounds doable (I told you this post was mindless) I am starting to look seriously at weight watchers. Come Monday, game on! I will keep you updated. Finally, I got the guts to write on one of my friend’s facebook wall and basically told her she should stop posting those pictures of kids that say, ‘facebook will donate $3 to the family if you share this picture’ unless she has proof that this is legitimate. I am tired of those posts. Seriously, the last time I checked, facebook was buying instragram for a billion bucks, they do not have time to be checking who is sharing those pictures. I think the families of those children should sue all those people who share those pictures without permission. Does anyone have proof that that stuff is legit? I am done, have a great Saturday!


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  1. Pounds will creep up on you if you’re not paying attention! With all the running you do though.. perhaps some, if not most, of that is muscle rather than fat? It can skew your results – I cannot imagine you being at all fat! Good luck though. I’m working on that stuff myself.


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