Yay, N is for Nairobi, the largest and capital city of Kenya! My family (parents and brother) moved to Nairobi when I was 9 and have lived there for almost two decades! I love Nairobi! Nairobi is the home of 3 million people and walking downtown can be a challenge, but who does not love a challenge? There is plenty of public transportation so you can always get where you wanna go with no problem but with a little hassle! The last time I was in Nairobi was 3 years ago and I bet so much has changed since I was there. I hope to visit very very soon. For some reason, many people have banana trees in their yards (compound as we call them). People keep dogs for security purposes and the tall fences too! If you visit Nairobi and is not able to go for a safari, you can always go to the Nairobi National park (you might see a lion)Mamba village to see the crocodiles, Giraffe Center to see and feed the giraffes and make sure you have dinner at the Carnivore and try the crocodile, so tender and good!


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