O is for Ocean

Wow, this month is going fast! I cannot believe we are already at letter O!
My topic today is the ocean! Don’t you just love the ocean? There is something about the ocean that makes you feel at peace, maybe it is because sitting on a beach somewhere, probably means you are on some sort of vacation!
Last summer, we took our kids to the beach/ocean for the first time! I have never seen my kids so excited, I think it beat Christmas morning. Henry still has fond memories of the beach/ocean that when he is praying for food, he adds “and thank you for taking us to the beach” Do you have any beach plans this summer?

I found this fuzzy quote:
“I dropped a tear in the ocean, and whenever they find it I’ll stop loving you, only then.” (thinkexist.com)


One thought on “O is for Ocean

  1. What a great quote! I have only been to a beach a few times, and each time it is still so awesome and I am left full of awe. I need to make some beach plans for the summer.


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