At the end of last month I decided to deactivate my facebook account for a few days so that I could concentrate on my studies and finish up the papers I had.  I like facebook (but I prefer Twitter) but honestly, I was wasting so much time on facebook.  My intent usually was just to check on something and hours later, I am still on facebook.  After being gone for 3 weeks or so, I realized that I can actually live without facebook! Hope you are having a good week!

3 thoughts on “Facebook

  1. I imagine it freed up a lot of time for you! I know what a time-waster it can be, so I try to make sure I’m not on for more than 15 minutes at a time unless I’m chatting with my brother in Korea. It IS the main way I keep up with my far-flung family though, so I will not be giving it up entirely.


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