Summers are filled with graduations! and my fam was not left behind!

We are very proud of Dr. Tuju.  He worked hard for this and he deserves it!  The speaker was Chris Gardner and he was very interesting!

Baby girl’s was more of an award ceremony! I am glad that she got the ‘writing’ award because she does love to write and she has some great pieces.  I should post some of her writing!

Baby boy’s graduation was fun too, there is nothing like watching 3 and 4 year olds singing, they were all so cute and entertaining! He does miss his preschool!

Tooth Fairy!

Tooth fairy seems to have outseated ‘Santa’ in our house! Move over ‘Santa’. Before we left for Arizona, Baby girl had a shaky tooth and it bothered her some during the trip. On the last day, it finally came out. So, we flew (flying with 2 kids – that is a story for another day but thank you again sweet lady who gave up her seat so that Henry could sit next to me) the tooth back to BG! so that the tooth fairy would find it and leave some money for the girl! Baby Girl left a note for the tooth fairy which tooth fairy was kind enough to share! where was tooth fairy when I was growing up?
P/S Thanks tooth fairy 🙂

I feel cheated!

I woke up one morning last week, put on my Toshiba and it had died. I panicked! My documents from last semester which I will need for August semester were all sitting pretty in the dead computer. After scanning ALL the you tube videos on how to revive your dead Toshiba (I googled the problem), I decided I was better off taking my computer to the experts. She powered on my computer, did the same stuff that those you tube videos suggested and nothing happened. After paying the diagnostic fee, I left it with them to fix it. Next day, they called and to let me know my fate! Pay for data transfer and take my dead computer or have them retrieve the data (and pay for it) and pay more money to ‘fix’ my computer! I figured it was not worth it to fix the computer so I just paid to have the data transferred to another computer (sigh!) and took my dead computer. I came home and returned my ‘dead’ computer to factory settings and it is working perfect. I am actually using it to post this post. Why do I feel cheated? I thought my computer would not work again and so I bought another computer!!! I would have just transfered the stuff to a jump drive! I guess I should consider Henry’s request, he asked me, ‘Can I have your toyshiba?’