Week 3 of 12

Woke up early and went off to run the Purple Striders 5K. This 5K is a fundraiser for one on the local schools cross country team and I thought it would be awesome to support them and also find out where I am as far as my time is concerned. The last race I ran was the 10K trail run in December last year and so it was really time to run.
I got there at 7am and there was a good size crowd. They also had a 2 mile walk which is a serious walk (no running is allowed) and they do get awards too. I registered and noticed that there was no bib or chip! hmmmmm
It was a really fast race. I did not see any mile markers and I did not have my Nike timer.
I got back and was handed a paper where I was to write my time and hand it in. My race time was better than my practice times, but it was not good enough to win a spot on the podium. I was a whole 60 seconds slower than the #3 in my age group. I did win a door prize though, a gift card to the local shoe store! Just yesterday I was talking about buying a new pair of running shoes and so this was definately an answered prayer.
My next race is in two weeks time and I see some fartleks in my future!

Purple Striders 5K!


The county decided to build us a basketball court 🙂 and we have been making use of it, you know, it might just pay off in millions if we play our cards right, you get my drift…a parent of tall kids is allowed to dream. Things are looking up, the Lord answered our prayers and I got my ‘dream’ internship. I have been eyeing this place since before we moved here and I am so grateful to the Lord for giving me this opportunity.
This weekend I will be participating in my first official BG race I am so excited! I actually intended to run my first BG race earlier in the year but there was a conflict with the kids’ soccer games! I am so pumped, it is a fast flat course and all the young cross country kids will be participating so it is going to be real fast. I will not be running for time, I will just be making sure I do not come in last :-).
Hope you are having a great week, keep the faith!


Week 2 of 12

image It was crazy last night, the storm was at it again and we were right on Ohio River…
Week 2 has been awesome as far as running is concerned! I logged 13 miles and feel good about it.
I need to start cross-training to add more cardio without hurting my knees.
Is anyone watching Dallas with me? The drama is crazy! I am looking forward to the Olympics, I love to watch Track & Field and this year, I will be on the lookout for Gabby!
My heart goes out to all those who lost their loved ones in the tragedy last night and I pray for quick recovery for those who were injured.
Stay safe and keep the faith!


A few years ago we were asked to write a wish we had and I remember putting down that I wish I could stay home with my baby boy just until he is ready to go to school. Little did I know that the Lord would be gracious enough to answer that prayer. It has been awesome being at home w/the kids and literally watching them grow. Unfortunately, all good things come to an end and my baby boy is going to school and I need to find an internship before the fall semester begins.
This morning I went for an interview (Please pray for me if you think about it). As she was talking about the job, I was just thinking of how so badly I want this job. It is actually an internship which I am required to complete for my program. Interviews are so funny. You know the part “Tell us all the good things about yourself” Please, go ahead, brag about yourself!
I am again at the crossroads, looking for a job or internship or both. I know for sure the Lord will come through and I will keep trusting him. Keep the faith!

Tuesday finds

I have discovered a new place for good finds, it is at the Potter’s house! Every Tuesday they have a sale and wow, I always end up spending up to 2 hours looking through stuff. Better than watching “bachelorette”, right? Last week I found the Vtech computer for a whooping, .50 cents!! Even though Henry loves my Toyshiba (can you believe he asked me to tell him my password and when I did not, he was trying to guess it) he also loves to play on the vtech.
This one was a little more expensive, .75 cents, but it is providing lots of fun for the kids. Parks and rec was awesome enough to build us a basketball court but it has been too hot to go and shoot hoops so, while we wait for the fall, they can practice on this one. I can’t wait for next Tuesday too see what I can find. Books go for .10 cents so the kids library is growing, I love it!

Week 1 of 12

image This week I decided it was about time I became once again serious about running! It is the year of no excuses after all! I have had so many excuses, no gym membership, no time, too hot, too tired etc etc but Monday was the defining moment! I went out and ran 3 miles and seriously wished I was one of those people who were swimming at the pool nearby. I also realized that I had taken too long a break, my knees were really hurting. Tuesday, I was up again, running to the beat of Titanium, 3 miles down! Wednesday, this was starting to become a habit. A good habit! Thursday, everyone needs a break so I did take one. Friday, was by far the hardest day to get out and ran. It was raining and I was asking myself who goes out running on a Friday morning. It was insane running in the rain but I did it. and with those words, I am thinking seriously about running my second half-marathon! and this one sounds like it. Have a great weekend!


It has been awhile since I posted but a lot of fun stuff has been happening! We headed to Arizona for graduation and then at the end of June we drove up to Washington DC! Over 1400 miles and more than 24 hours in the car! Wow! Kudos to the driver, we love you!
To say the drive to DC was uneventful is an understatement. We had just entered West Virginia and made a fuel stop, when the storm and strong winds began and the power went out everywhere! We were basically driving in pitch darkness and all the hotels that had power were now fully booked. Ended up spending the night 30 minutes away from DC!
DC was so much fun, the Zoo was definately the kid’s favorite place. We walked in the zoo for almost 5 hours with no complaints! The drive back was uneventful and we are all glad to be back home safe and sound. Hakuna Matata!!