Week 3 of 12

Woke up early and went off to run the Purple Striders 5K. This 5K is a fundraiser for one on the local schools cross country team and I thought it would be awesome to support them and also find out where I am as far as my time is concerned. The last race I ran … More Week 3 of 12

Purple Striders 5K!

The county decided to build us a basketball court 🙂 and we have been making use of it, you know, it might just pay off in millions if we play our cards right, you get my drift…a parent of tall kids is allowed to dream. Things are looking up, the Lord answered our prayers and I … More Purple Striders 5K!

Week 2 of 12

It was crazy last night, the storm was at it again and we were right on Ohio River… Week 2 has been awesome as far as running is concerned! I logged 13 miles and feel good about it. I need to start cross-training to add more cardio without hurting my knees. Is anyone watching Dallas … More Week 2 of 12


A few years ago we were asked to write a wish we had and I remember putting down that I wish I could stay home with my baby boy just until he is ready to go to school. Little did I know that the Lord would be gracious enough to answer that prayer. It has … More Crossroads

Tuesday finds

I have discovered a new place for good finds, it is at the Potter’s house! Every Tuesday they have a sale and wow, I always end up spending up to 2 hours looking through stuff. Better than watching “bachelorette”, right? Last week I found the Vtech computer for a whooping, .50 cents!! Even though Henry … More Tuesday finds

Week 1 of 12

This week I decided it was about time I became once again serious about running! It is the year of no excuses after all! I have had so many excuses, no gym membership, no time, too hot, too tired etc etc but Monday was the defining moment! I went out and ran 3 miles and … More Week 1 of 12


Do you ever watch America’s Test Kitchen? I was watching it the other day and they were baking whole wheat bread and I decided to try it. They have a video on their website that you can watch! It is labor intensive but the results were worth it! So good with some hot chai!


It has been awhile since I posted but a lot of fun stuff has been happening! We headed to Arizona for graduation and then at the end of June we drove up to Washington DC! Over 1400 miles and more than 24 hours in the car! Wow! Kudos to the driver, we love you! To … More Travels