Tuesday finds

I have discovered a new place for good finds, it is at the Potter’s house! Every Tuesday they have a sale and wow, I always end up spending up to 2 hours looking through stuff. Better than watching “bachelorette”, right? Last week I found the Vtech computer for a whooping, .50 cents!! Even though Henry loves my Toyshiba (can you believe he asked me to tell him my password and when I did not, he was trying to guess it) he also loves to play on the vtech.
This one was a little more expensive, .75 cents, but it is providing lots of fun for the kids. Parks and rec was awesome enough to build us a basketball court but it has been too hot to go and shoot hoops so, while we wait for the fall, they can practice on this one. I can’t wait for next Tuesday too see what I can find. Books go for .10 cents so the kids library is growing, I love it!


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