A few years ago we were asked to write a wish we had and I remember putting down that I wish I could stay home with my baby boy just until he is ready to go to school. Little did I know that the Lord would be gracious enough to answer that prayer. It has been awesome being at home w/the kids and literally watching them grow. Unfortunately, all good things come to an end and my baby boy is going to school and I need to find an internship before the fall semester begins.
This morning I went for an interview (Please pray for me if you think about it). As she was talking about the job, I was just thinking of how so badly I want this job. It is actually an internship which I am required to complete for my program. Interviews are so funny. You know the part “Tell us all the good things about yourself” Please, go ahead, brag about yourself!
I am again at the crossroads, looking for a job or internship or both. I know for sure the Lord will come through and I will keep trusting him. Keep the faith!

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