Purple Striders 5K!


The county decided to build us a basketball court 🙂 and we have been making use of it, you know, it might just pay off in millions if we play our cards right, you get my drift…a parent of tall kids is allowed to dream. Things are looking up, the Lord answered our prayers and I got my ‘dream’ internship. I have been eyeing this place since before we moved here and I am so grateful to the Lord for giving me this opportunity.
This weekend I will be participating in my first official BG race I am so excited! I actually intended to run my first BG race earlier in the year but there was a conflict with the kids’ soccer games! I am so pumped, it is a fast flat course and all the young cross country kids will be participating so it is going to be real fast. I will not be running for time, I will just be making sure I do not come in last :-).
Hope you are having a great week, keep the faith!


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