Woke up early and went off to run the Purple Striders 5K. This 5K is a fundraiser for one on the local schools cross country team and I thought it would be awesome to support them and also find out where I am as far as my time is concerned. The last race I ran was the 10K trail run in December last year and so it was really time to run.
I got there at 7am and there was a good size crowd. They also had a 2 mile walk which is a serious walk (no running is allowed) and they do get awards too. I registered and noticed that there was no bib or chip! hmmmmm
It was a really fast race. I did not see any mile markers and I did not have my Nike timer.
I got back and was handed a paper where I was to write my time and hand it in. My race time was better than my practice times, but it was not good enough to win a spot on the podium. I was a whole 60 seconds slower than the #3 in my age group. I did win a door prize though, a gift card to the local shoe store! Just yesterday I was talking about buying a new pair of running shoes and so this was definately an answered prayer.
My next race is in two weeks time and I see some fartleks in my future!

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