It has been awhile since I posted but a lot of fun stuff has been happening! We headed to Arizona for graduation and then at the end of June we drove up to Washington DC! Over 1400 miles and more than 24 hours in the car! Wow! Kudos to the driver, we love you!
To say the drive to DC was uneventful is an understatement. We had just entered West Virginia and made a fuel stop, when the storm and strong winds began and the power went out everywhere! We were basically driving in pitch darkness and all the hotels that had power were now fully booked. Ended up spending the night 30 minutes away from DC!
DC was so much fun, the Zoo was definately the kid’s favorite place. We walked in the zoo for almost 5 hours with no complaints! The drive back was uneventful and we are all glad to be back home safe and sound. Hakuna Matata!!