Week 4 of 12

I cannot believe how fast time is going, it’s already August, soon it will be Christmas!
After last week’s Purple Strider’s race, I totally knew what I needed to do. I need to speed up! ‘Just running to finish a 5K’ does not cut it anymore. I started off on Monday with a 6 mile run, I ran a different route than I normally do and it did make a difference, before I knew it, 6 miles were over.
I was dreading my next run because even though it was going to be a short 2 mile run, the plan was to do the fartleks! I have been reading my Runner’s World, thanks Amy! and came across an easy Fartlek which I tried. It is the “100 Steps Fartlek” and it is recommended for beginners. You pick up the pace for 10 strides (counted on one leg) and then run slowly for 10 strides, then run hard for 20 strides, slowly for 20 strides until you reach 100 strides! If you still have the energy of Dibaba (10 000 women’s meters Olympic gold winner, London 2012), you can increase the challenge by going back down.
My next run was a 5 mile run and it rained during mile 1 and mile 5, I’ll take rain anytime over heat! It was a great week. Next week is race week!!
I cannot decide which shoe to buy, I did the shoefinder and it gives me 8 options of shoes I can choose from and they are all about the same price. Anyone have a brand suggestion? just find out that every year, a new shoe comes out and it is given a #, e.g. Brooks 4, next year they will have Brooks 5, who knew?
Hope you are enjoying the olympics, so glad the girl I was routing for, won gold, go Gabby!!
Now it’s #teamkenya’s turn! Having grown up in the Rift Valley, I wonder how I missed that running bus!
Keep the faith!