Back to School

After posting baby boy’s before school pic, decided to post an after school pic! He really did enjoy his first day of school and was excited about going back this morning! This is an answered prayer, he did not think much about his summer school and in his own words, he told me he was ‘happy to be free’.
It has been fun watching the Olympics! Of course I expected more medals from the Kenyans (Where is Kip Keino when we need him?) Now, I know more about waterpolo than I need to (thanks #NBCfail)!
Last week I volunteered for a race and how I wish I had registed to run, I would have been on the podium for sure! there was only one person from my age group! It was a fun small race which I hope it is bigger next year. good thinking, the race director did not date the T-shirts so they can be used next year.
It’s all good!

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