Week 5 of 12:The Garden Spot 5K

I am not sure if it was the shoes that I bought this week (I bought #4 because they were cheaper) or the fartleks! I gave it my all at the Garden Spot 5K this morning.
This race was held in Franklin which is a 25 minutes drive from BG! This race is to Franklin what Riverbend is to Chattanooga or the 10K classic is to BG, in other words, it had a lot of people, like 800 registrants, basically the whole town was there either to run, volunteer or cheer. (that made it so awesome) The race began about 20 minutes later than it was scheduled to start, made me so nervous.
After a poor 32 minutes plus performance at my last race, my goal for this race was to run the 5K under 30! I decided to set my Nike running for 30 minutes.
I reached the first mile at 9.30, I knew I was going to make my goal. As expected, the second mile was slower, I passed the clock at 19.26 and decided to speed it up a little since I needed to run the 1.1miles in 10 minutes to make it under 30, and that I did! I reached the finish line and saw the clock read 29 something, I was so excited! I missed the podium by lesst than 20 seconds. I am so pumped for the next race, next month! Going with last year results, the competition is going to be stiffer, but I can do it! There is light at the end of tunnel!