I hope everyone is doing great. I am late with this update, it looks like it is going downhill from here but I am sure I can still salvage it. I was meant to go running today and it kinda started raining so I ended up running up and down a short hill 10 times, every little counts, right? I did go for a long run on saturday and it was so much fun. I love racing people who do not know that I am racing them. I always look for someone ahead of me and make it my goal to go and pass them and not let them pass me. I once did that with this gal and I think she too decided to play the same game with me, we had some pretty good runs out of that.
I have been working full days as from last week and so that has changed the dynamics of training but I will work it out somehow. In fact, I have a 5K race this weekend and which I hope to do better in time from my last race. It is probably wishful thinking but who hopes to do worse?
Hope you have an awesome week and keep the faith and be safe.