I officially dislike election season.
I dislike the way it makes people who are nice on a good day suddenly become so mean and hateful.
I dislike the way people judge you because you do not belong to their party.
I dislike the lies that become status’, the lies that get shared, the lies that get posted and reposted and the lies that get liked.
I dislike it that every election season has some friend casualities.
I officially dislike election season.

3 thoughts on “I need a ‘dislike’ button

  1. You and me both. I do not put out any political opinion, nor do I read anyone else’s. I have a brother who is very vocal that way (and happens to have opposite ideas from mine) and I always wind up hiding him on FaceBook until the election is over (and if he’s still ranting, perhaps a bit longer). I have enough going on in my head to “listen” to opinions based on rhetoric rather than facts. Facts, I fear, are very few and far between during election season.


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