I cannot believe it has been that long since I wrote a post. Life has been moving so fast I cannot believe it is almost October. I have been a good girl and I have been training for the 10K! It is in 2.5 weeks and I can’t wait! For once i think I will be able to do it in good time (for me) Soccer for the kids has been challenging. Somehow both games are at the same time and since we can’t be at both games, we just alternate. This year, I am a laid back soccer mom, just watching the drama from the sidelines. I started a group run for ladies on saturday morning and it is indeed a learning process! I actually started it as part of a class project and it has definately kicked my training up a notch. We meet at a hilly track! I am so grateful for the ladies who have committed to wake up so early on saturday morning. The internship has been another learning experience but we will leave that for the internship report. So far, so good! I hope you are all doing good, keep looking up!

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