Week 9,10,11

I just realized that for some reason I forgot the countdown. I am not sure how that happened. Life is busy: family, soccer, internship, running group and everything in between. Both kids have practice and games every week and we are also trying to make up missed games and I still have 375 internship hours left. All is well and we are looking up!
12 more days to the 10K. A few more than that to the elections! I have not put a huge manequin of my candidate of choice on my yard yet! I remember one time when my neighbor had a HUGE manequin of their candidate of choice on their lawn, it was hilarious! His candidate did win though, so maybe it is a good thing.
Smart coach says, that if I have been following the training plan as is written, I am supposed to run the 10K race at 10.01 minutes per mile pace! ha! ha! ha! I just looked up the one and only 10K I have run! I did it in 1:04:36.01 and my pace was 10:25. Maybe I can do it! 2 years and 20 more pounds later!
Keep the faith and will be back with one more post just before the race and a post race post. Maybe I will win the big money!


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