I formed a running group as part of my health promotion program at my university, and it is a staggered group. We have never all met at the same time because we meet on different days, I am the constant obviously. (I have three separate groups) One time, a member of the group decided running on the track is boring and took us running on the trail. Trail running is really another ball game especially during the fall season. You are basically raking the leaves with your shoes as you run and you meet people picking up stuff on the trail to go use deer hunting? I am now totally in love with trail running, who needs a track? or a treadmill for that matter!
Today’s soccer games were ‘hi-larious!’. You cannot fake the game at all! from one my kids running from the ball to the other one scoring from basically halfway across the field, priceless!
Since I mentioned the debate the other day, I was disappointed, but the race is not over. I cannot wait for it to be over! I am not consumed with it, but it is a distraction.
I had a dream that I ran the 10K in 44 minutes yeah, totally in my dreams! totally!
Keep the faith people and keep the sabbath holy.

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