I have been trying to load a pic of the 10K classic regalia but my wp on my phone is acting funny.
Last night, Joe Biden and Paul Ryan made great TV. I love joining Twitter parties during these live ‘shows’ and the VP debate was no exception. Who won? beauty does lie in the eyes of the beholder, watch my twitter feed and you will see, I was pleased with our VP! Everytime I looked at Paul Ryan, it just seemed like he was going to say ‘totally’ and he did!! I am so jealous of him, 42 and he is running for VP!
The day is almost here. In under 13 hours I will be spending 1 hour of my life running 10 kilometers as fast as I can.
They say that 2500 people have registered for the different races tomorrow. We are having a 10K, 5K run and walk, 1.5 mile and the kids race (.5). This is huge! Approximately 10% of the population of Bowling Green have registered for a race, how awesome! Of course, there was a small motivation to register, the top door prize is $10000. I am also excited because I will have a buddy to ran this race with and guess what? she is faster than me, I might just meet my goal of doing better than my last 10K.
I did deactivate my facebook because with politics, things were getting a little too nasty. It is okay to share your opinion but when you get so mean, start attacking other people and spreading lies and the next day you are leading Bible study, it does not add up. Decided the best way was to take a break until after the elections.
I have an exam this weekend too, pray for me if you think about it.