WOW! What a race!  The race started at 8.30 am and it was per-fect weather.  My running  buddy and I were nervous but we have been training some together so we were hoping it would pay off.  There were so many people, it was overwhelming.  The first mile was pretty tough and hilly, and you know the first mile is when you try to figure out a comfortable pace.  The second and third mile were okay, we were now getting used to the idea.  We actually ran the fourth mile in under 10 minutes, I guess we were now in the zone and nothing was stopping us now.  The last mile was the hardest, we saw the finish line when we were still .5 miles away from it and we had to go round, it was the longest last stretch ever! It was fun though to see the firefighters who had crossed dressed to raise awareness for breast cancer.

We finished in 1:03:36 which was one minute to the second faster than my other 10K, I was pretty excited.  It is always fun to run a race with a buddy, just makes the time go faster and the race not seem that long.  Baby gal was not to be left behind, she too ran her race and finished!!

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  1. Baby gal did the Children’s classic and it was a half a mile. Baby gal is code name for her and so is baby boy for her brother. I just do not like using their names on my postings.


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