I am thankful for my (running) Buddies!

When I signed up for the army 9 years ago, I was not a runner!  I HATED running.  I remember for us to pass and go for basic training, we had to run a mile in 10.30.  Wow!  I barely made it, I ran like a wild animal was chasing me, actually, the drill sergeant was running after us, screaming her head off.  (If you did not pass that PT test, you had to go to FAT camp).  It was not after I had Rehema that I started running for myself and not to pass a PT test.  I was addicted from then on.  Today, I am thankful for all the people who for some reason decide that walking is not enough, so they run!  Y’all motivate me to keep running and I love reading or hearing your running stories.  Here are a few of those friends!