I got to wrap it up, it is the end of the year and tomorrow is my birthday! getting so old, need to downpay on a walker or something!

Teachers – I am thankful for all the teachers, especially all the teachers in our lives
United States Army – through enlisting in the U.S. army, I learned so much about myself.
Vehicle – I am thankful to God for providing us with reliable vehicles (I need to get a name for my car)
Wash & wear clothes – I am thankful for wash and wear clothes because I hate ironing
YOU! Thank you for reading my blog!

Have a blessed 2013!

Q – Quiet time

I am down to Q.  For Q, I am grateful for Quiet times.  Quiet time is time for me…do you have time for yourself, where you can spend time with your maker and yourself?  That is why I love running.  When I go on a solo run (I love group runs too) I find it is time I can get off stuff of my head, I can think about stuff uninterrupted and just meditate as I run! and with that, I am thankful for all the quiet time I can get.

ABC’s of Thanksgiving

I am not sure what to say, I had the intention of posting daily (ABCs of Thanksgiving) got stuck at J-Jesus. I am sure you don’t want to hear all the excuses, so I will just get to it and play catch up!
K – Kenya/Kentucky – home away from home
L – Life is precious and I appreciate every moment the Lord allows me to live
M – Thank God for the life my mom lived! I miss her

to be continued…LOL!