I got to wrap it up, it is the end of the year and tomorrow is my birthday! getting so old, need to downpay on a walker or something!

Teachers – I am thankful for all the teachers, especially all the teachers in our lives
United States Army – through enlisting in the U.S. army, I learned so much about myself.
Vehicle – I am thankful to God for providing us with reliable vehicles (I need to get a name for my car)
Wash & wear clothes – I am thankful for wash and wear clothes because I hate ironing
YOU! Thank you for reading my blog!

Have a blessed 2013!

2 thoughts on “T,U,V,W,X,Y,Z

  1. I’ve been enjoying your trip through the alphabet! Stay on your own two feet as long as possible, Grace! As someone who needs a cane from time to time when the arthritis gets really bad, I can tell you how much freer I feel when I don’t need it (which is most of the time still, thank goodness). You are getting older, but definitely not getting old! As long as you keep your mind and body healthy and working and growing, you will stay young. Happy birthday, my friend!


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