hats! hats!

I have always known how to knit and crotchet but I have never known how to read a crotchet pattern. I decided that I wanted to learn how to read the pattern because some of that stuff look sooo cute!


Week one has gone pretty well as far as the ‘newme’ mission is concerned. I started off with two runs, a brutal two mile run and later in the week, the 3 mile run was manageable. I was also able to do 2 30 minutes exercise routines and walked 3 miles total. I need to … More #Newme


I went to Walmart (sigh) today and decided to check on their Christmas clearance. They are down to 75% off and was able to pick up some crafts for the kids for cents! Kroger is really pushing their organic stuff and they have a sale on their organic brand of items and have loaded lots … More Organic

Happy New Year!

This on the left is a birthday present that Henry made for me! How sweet! It is day 3 already! Have you started off on your new resolutions or new year goals? Since they say that people break their resolutions by valentine’s day, I guess I am going to call mine, goals!! I think a … More Happy New Year!