Week one has gone pretty well as far as the ‘newme’ mission is concerned. I started off with two runs, a brutal two mile run and later in the week, the 3 mile run was manageable. I was also able to do 2 30 minutes exercise routines and walked 3 miles total. I need to up that to at least 3 exercise sessions and also my goal is to at least walk 5 miles per week (one mile a weekday). My weakness is still recording what I am eating. I know for sure that when I have that down, it will make a huge difference. In other news, the kids and I are excited to have Sila back. Keep looking up!


Dec 2012 781 I went to Walmart (sigh) today and decided to check on their Christmas clearance. They are down to 75% off and was able to pick up some crafts for the kids for cents!
Kroger is really pushing their organic stuff and they have a sale on their organic brand of items and have loaded lots of organic digital coupons on their website. I decided to buy their organic pasta and made it for dinner and the kids loved it! I am not really convinced yet and it is worth it. Do you buy organic? What organic stuff do you buy? I did buy organic chicken once and it indeed tasted different. I heard someone say on TV that in the new year we should start eating organic. How are we supposed to be able to afford it? and what happens to the non-organic stuff? There is even organic clothes!

Happy New Year!

Dec 110 This on the left is a birthday present that Henry made for me! How sweet!
It is day 3 already! Have you started off on your new resolutions or new year goals? Since they say that people break their resolutions by valentine’s day, I guess I am going to call mine, goals!! I think a resolution does not give one leeway so it is easy to break them but if you say, my goal for this year is to lose 30 pounds, even if you lose 20 (I wish), you will be proud of your progress. I also think, when making goals for the year, you have to be more specific on how you intend to achieve this goal.
I have a few specific goals this year that I am going to work hard at achieving with the help of God.  I am going to share with you two of them.

I would like to read through the Bible and I have downloaded to my phone a reading plan and the Bible from Bible Gateway.  It is awesome!  It also has the audio version and so I can listen to it when I choose too.

Everyone wants to lose weight and I am no exception.  I once signed up for weight watchers and it worked!  It was weight watchers at work and would go during lunch.  It is probably because I stuck with it for 12 weeks.  Everyone says, eat less and move more, but is it that easy?  My goal for this year is to lose 15% of my current weight.  How am I going to do that?  I am registering for a half-marathon I think that will take care of the move more.  The hard part for me really, is the eat less.  I have used the “Lose It” app but I am not consistent, I like that you can just scan the bar code of your food and it logs the calories.  I bet if I stayed with it for 12 weeks, I would lose some, I guess that is where the WW meetings beats most plans.

Do you have any goals this year that you would like to share?

Have a happy new year!

41 random things about me

1. I was born on January 1st (yay! it’s my birthday)
2. I was born in the morning so my middle name is for a girl who was born in the morning
3. I have been married for 12 years
4. I have a daughter and a son
5. I was in the US army reserves for 8 years
6. I love running
7. I made 2nd in Bowling Green Road Runners Masters 2012 Grand Prix
8. I am fluent in 3 languages, I somewhat know 2 other languages
9. I have been to three different continents and 6 six different countries
10. I have met, shaken hands and had a sit down lunch with a President Moi
11. I have lived in three different countries.
12. I hate milkshakes (eeew) but love smoothies
13. I cook dinner on most nights
14. I was a combat medic in the army so I was a licensed EMT for some time but NEVER entered an ambulance
15. I lived in Cape Town, South Africa for almost one year
16. I am a Pastor’s kid
17. I am the first-born and have two brothers and one sister
18. I have never smoked a cigarette
19. I have only voted in one election
20. I believe Christ died and rose again
21. I have spent a week in a refugee camp (Kakuma Refugee camp)
22. I have been to a few short-term missions, changed my life forever
23. I graduated from college 19 years ago
24. I was a Business major and a music minor and piano was my instrument
25. I took music as a minor for easy A’s
26. I hated running when I was in the military and loved doing sit ups
27. I now hate sit ups or rather, it’s hard to do sit ups after you have kids
28. I have come to realize that soda is not my beverage of choice but I will drink a coke zero once in a while
29. I love tea and coffee
30. I’ve eaten a fish’ eye
31. I know how to drive a stick-shift
32. I have had Malaria more than 5 times and it’s nothing compared to typhoid
33. I got a small pox shot when I was in elementary school, I still remember the day the whole school lined up to get the shot
34.I have had a blog since 2005
35. I have an accent
36. I learned English in elementary school
37. I went to a British boarding school in Kenya and our headmaster was not Kenyan
38. The only debt I have ever had in my life is our mortgage
39. I have a sweet tooth, which is not good for me
40. I think Twitter is way better than Facebook
41. I have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ