Dec 110 This on the left is a birthday present that Henry made for me! How sweet!
It is day 3 already! Have you started off on your new resolutions or new year goals? Since they say that people break their resolutions by valentine’s day, I guess I am going to call mine, goals!! I think a resolution does not give one leeway so it is easy to break them but if you say, my goal for this year is to lose 30 pounds, even if you lose 20 (I wish), you will be proud of your progress. I also think, when making goals for the year, you have to be more specific on how you intend to achieve this goal.
I have a few specific goals this year that I am going to work hard at achieving with the help of God.  I am going to share with you two of them.

I would like to read through the Bible and I have downloaded to my phone a reading plan and the Bible from Bible Gateway.  It is awesome!  It also has the audio version and so I can listen to it when I choose too.

Everyone wants to lose weight and I am no exception.  I once signed up for weight watchers and it worked!  It was weight watchers at work and would go during lunch.  It is probably because I stuck with it for 12 weeks.  Everyone says, eat less and move more, but is it that easy?  My goal for this year is to lose 15% of my current weight.  How am I going to do that?  I am registering for a half-marathon I think that will take care of the move more.  The hard part for me really, is the eat less.  I have used the “Lose It” app but I am not consistent, I like that you can just scan the bar code of your food and it logs the calories.  I bet if I stayed with it for 12 weeks, I would lose some, I guess that is where the WW meetings beats most plans.

Do you have any goals this year that you would like to share?

Have a happy new year!

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  1. I, too, am planning on losing weight and am using an app similar to Lose It. Maybe we could provide support for each other!


  2. I also have weightloss goals. I have a total of 100 lbs to lose and I don’t expect to lose it all this year as I am trying to approach this sensibly. I’d hoped for a good jumpstart at the first of the year, but have been sick – nothing dramatic here. Watching my portions with the help of SparkPeople. Just using that website makes me more aware of what I’m putting in my mouth. I lost 20 lbs doing just that, but when I stopped, I stopped being aware. Obviously, this is something I’m going to have to keep up with because I stop being so mindful when I don’t. Once I can breathe again, I’m starting with walks to build up my endurance.


  3. WW suggests that we start at 10% and then go to 5%. I think if you cut it into small numbers, it will be easier. I think once we know what we are eating an add exercise to it, we will make progress. Best of luck. I pray that you will get better soon so that you can start walking again


  4. What is that present made of?

    Apondi lost about 10 (or was it 20?) pounds in a month. She cut out sugary drinks, reduced some foods and was skipping (as in jumping rope).


  5. It is a shell that he took and painted it for me. When I lived alone, I was so thin, 10 pounds in a month?? skipping rope is great but boring, I’d rather run


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