18 miles

Yesterday (Saturday) morning I was meeting a friend of mine to run 4 miles and guess what? when I met her, she had already ran 6 miles!!! wow!! so we did ran the 4 miles together! She is strong!! I finally registered for the half which means there is no turning back. They had an insurance … More 18 miles

the week that was!

This was a great week training wise. To celebrate President’s day, I went out and ran 8 miles. Running 8 miles on a track is a killer, I am just saying. It is enough to make you feel dizzy. But I have found out that I do prefer running on a track than running on … More the week that was!

Trumoo #gotitfree

They say that most of us break our new year resolutions by Valentine’s day. Well, tomorrow is the day, hope you are still hanging onto it. I can’t say that I am doing stellar with my training for the half marathon which is in a few weeks time, but I am still determined to run … More Trumoo #gotitfree

DC trip!

It has been awhile since I posted. January was a big month for me. I had told myself that if I did get an inauguration ticket, I would go to DC for the inauguration because I think everyone should attend at least one in their lifetime. I went to my representative’s website and requested one … More DC trip!