It has been awhile since I posted. January was a big month for me. I had told myself that if I did get an inauguration ticket, I would go to DC for the inauguration because I think everyone should attend at least one in their lifetime. I went to my representative’s website and requested one and sure enough I did get one.
mobile13 069
The drive was not too bad. Close to 800 miles later, I arrived in one piece. Thanks for an overnight pit stop at Virginia, I was able to function the next day.
mobile13 066
I went to the Capitol building, met our representative and got my ticket. I then went to check out DC a little so as to be familiar with everything because the next day, 800 000 people were going to descend upon the capital and it makes it so much easier when you know where you are going.
The next morning, I woke up and was in the train about 8am. The train was full but I did get a seat. I met a Kenyan mzungu, his dad was an expatriate in Kenya 50 years ago! Once in DC, the lines began.
mobile13 074 We had to go through a security check and basically all the TSA folks were working that day. That went ‘fast’ considering the number of people and they were respectful. They even had enough toilets to go around, regretted standing in long lines before the security check also regretted not drinking my coffee in the morning.
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I had a yellow ticket but I ended up in the orange section which was closer. I know it does not look that way, but having a ticket helped. Even though the place was crowded, you had space to move or sit if you wanted.
DSCF1117 It was cold but manageable. There were people from every where and they became your instant friend! They have to be so that you can ask them to take your picture!
What a trip!

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  1. yes, I enjoyed it. It helps that I love DC. It was nice to take some time off. I drove alone, but coming back, I was regretting not asking someone to go with me. I could have signed up for one of the bus trips, there was even one right from the universtity next door but I was afraid that I would not be back in time for Sila to go teach his class.


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