the week that was!

This was a great week training wise. To celebrate President’s day, I went out and ran 8 miles. Running 8 miles on a track is a killer, I am just saying. It is enough to make you feel dizzy. But I have found out that I do prefer running on a track than running on gravel. The first 3 miles were challenging and then after that my body got used to it and just went with the flow. Went out again for another 6 miles. It was freeezing. Even after 6 miles, my fingers were still cold. This was a fast run for me, I did it in 65 minutes which was great for me. I still have a short run scheduled and then I will officially call it a great week.
The job hunting continues. I did get a job though as a substitute teacher but that is very part time. I do enjoy being a stay at home mom with kids at school 🙂 and I have a four hour comprehensive exam coming soon, so when you think about it, please pray for me. I have my graduation day set but it all depends on this exam.
Yesterday in the news they showed this local guy who has been fined $500 for biting off the head of a bird since the bird was making too much noise for him while he was sitting on his porch. Can it get any crazier than this?
Have a great weekend and keep looking up!