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Yesterday (Saturday) morning I was meeting a friend of mine to run 4 miles and guess what? when I met her, she had already ran 6 miles!!! wow!! so we did ran the 4 miles together! She is strong!!

I finally registered for the half which means there is no turning back. They had an insurance fee of $7 so that should anything happened to you, like you become lazy, I meant that you get an injury or whatever happens, you get your registration fee back. I thought that was a very bad idea. What do you think? This race is to raise money for the Family enrichment center, should anything happen to you, just donate your registration fee and pick your T-shirt. I have paid for two races before and not showed up and I just considered it a donation. Well, I did not take the insurance, because God willing, I am running the half, (My second half) and if I don’t, I will donate my registration to the cause!
Wonder why they are calling it a mini marathon and yet it is 13.1 miles!
The first running shoes that I ever bought were Nike shoes. The reason why I bought them was because I wanted the Nike sensor which only worked with Nike shoes. Last year, I decided to get running shoes that were for my feet and after much research, I ended up with Brooks!
But there was one problem, how was I going to use my Nike sensor? yes, google is my friend. I googled and found one on Amazon!  I love it!  Works so well and now I do not have to be stuck with Nike shoes! (I love Nike shoes though)
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