138Finally, the day of the half-marathon arrived! Let me back up, on Friday I had to sit for a 4 hour comprehensive exam, yes, I am graduating soon! then in the evening, baby girl’s school was having a Chuck-e-cheese night and so we spent a few hours there with all the madness!! it was fun…
Woke up at 6.10 and got read for the race. The day before, husband had taken me to make sure I knew where the race was. My goal was to beat my first half-marathon time which was 2:30:something.. Met up with Shelley and kept warm while we were waiting for the race to start. Asked someone to take us a pic and I guess he was too nervous about his 5K race, he could not stop shaking.
The race started at 8am and off we were. After around one mile, I found my pace which was a slower pace than Shelley’s and so we parted. It was cold and my fingers were freezing. I basically kept at 10.34 pace and was happy with it.
I also found a way to slow down, entertain the people who were behind me
there were several water/gatorade stops on the way and I do appreciate all the volunteers who came out in the cold. On my way back, there was a guy outside his house with bottles of water too!! People are so nice.
During training, I never ran more than 10 miles and so when I reached the 10 mile marker, I kept on telling myself, it is only 5K to go. After 2 hours, 19 minutes and 19 seconds of running, I checked in!
then we took the kids egg hunting
Baby girl @ the 15000 egg hunt
I think Henry got half the egg at his egg hunt (birthday party egg hunt)

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  1. The bit about Hubby taking you to the venue before-hand is something I would do, and something my wife would not think very necessary 🙂


  2. I am so glad that we went the day before, I would have gotten lost! I have a race 45 minutes away, I pray that i do not get lost because I will be cutting it close!


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